“A customer-centric company, committed to simplifying your fashion needs.” Brooklyn London is a UK based company that manufactures its personal brand products. Each collection boasts of premium fabrics, distinctive detailed designs and well tailored products. Our vibrant team aims to provide a variety of designs to inspire and catch the eyes and hearts of fashion lovers. We invest time in hand picking high grade quality fabric to ensure that our customers get value for their money. Our aim is to ensure that you walk in confidence and style. We invite you to shop with us and join the Brooklyn London family.

Our story

Brooklyn is a movement, lifestyle and we are  a  family worldwide.

Brooklyn London was founded in 2015 by Floyd Peters, an individual who started designing and reselling clothing from his bedroom from the age of 9 years old. He chose to turn his reselling and designing passion of street culture and modern wear into a worldwide brand now known as Brooklyn London.

Using start up capital of £3000 saved from his carework job, a small collection of t-shirts, jackets, jeans and  dresses was created. A small brand that  only had  25 followers was spotted by Link Up TV a British creative & youth inspired online talent channel which embraces the hard core street culture and gave them an opportunity of their first advertise on their huge platform.

Moving forward to 2021, Brooklyn London became known as the ” KING OF TRACKSUITS” shipping over 10 000+ units worldwide independently from our website. Thankfully to our Brooklyn London Family all over the world in Europe, Asia,  America,  Africa, Australia,  New Zealand and all islands across the world 🌎. We truly appreciate you and will always put you first.

As for 2022, prepare for the birth of our fitness world called BROOKLYN WORLD

The birth of Brooklyn World began in January 2020 , after CEO/Creative director experienced a tragedic incident which left  him with no option to work out on his physical and mental health to improve his health and well-being. During this time he spent a lot of time doing home and gym work outs.

Discover  Brooklyn World our new contemporary fitness wear designed to empower every individual to strive and improve their physical and mental health.